Steel Tech Industries  talented engineering team utilizes the latest in SolidWorks 3D modeling technology to develop highly detailed models and components in very short cycle-times. Our passion for efficient solutions to complex problems has allowed us to work with some of the biggest names in a wide range of industries.  With a focus on manufacturing, material handling, and specialty process equipment, we often work closely with a client’s own engineering team to optimize their current concept and bring it to reality.

Laser Cutting

Steel Tech Industries has most renowned Laser Cutting machine which provide smooth and cost effective services.

We Have 2Laser Cutting Machine

  • 3KW (2.5Meter x 6.5Meter)
  • 1KW (1.5Meter x 3Meter)

We provide accuracy and thickness of Mild steel up to 22 mm, Stainless steel up to 12 mm & Aluminum upto 6 mm

CNC Bending

Bending is the second stage of laser cutting. Steel Tech Industries is using latest CNC hydraulic servo hybrid press break machine of Hindustan And Gizelis hydraulic having capacity of 160 tons.

We Have 2 CNC Press Brake

  • 150 Ton- 3.1Meter (up To 6mm Bending)
  • 160 Ton- 3.2Meter (up To 8mm Bending)

Metal Fabrication

Welding is the most important in fabrication industries. We have experienced & well certified welders in fabrication.

Steel Tech Industries follow WPS, PQRS Welding process & procedure.

Laser Welding , MIG Welding ,ARC Welding, Argon Welding, Stud Welding, Spot Welding

Quality Assurance

Steel Tech Industries , we are fully committed to ensuring the quality of our products and processes. As such, we employ the use of a high quality instrumental to verify our finished components meet all applicable customer and industry standards.